Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Blue Angels In San Francisco October 11, 2008

The Blue Angels came to town! It was a fantastic show. We saw it from Lyon street. We couldn't find parking in the Marina and just kept driving up the hill and right as the show started people just stopped their cars and got we did too. Sadly, this is the last time we saw Angel Island as it is in this picture as the next day it burned.

Chloe and I meet this cool dog who was also watching the show with her owner. It was a beautiful clear day.

Chloe's Pumpking Patch Adventure

We took Chloe to the pumpkin patch October 5th. So many pumpkins to choose from and so little time...but we picked out three. We had fun checking out all of the pumpkins and everything else too.

Chloe's first swimming lessons

Chloe had her first swimming lessons this September and she loved them. You can tell from this photo taken after her second lesson. Daddy got in the water with her and Chloe really enjoyed being in the water of course it was a nice warm day.